Welcome to the land of Lyme Madness™.

Where millions are suffering...but few are listening.

It is our intention to rectify that. To help those who need help and allow you to feel heard. Please choose your portal and we will take you to the information and education that is right for you.

Therapists and Practitioners

Do you want to become a Lyme Literate Therapist or Practitioner? Are you a Lyme Literate Therapist who wants to stay up to date on all of the current Lyme information and protocols? You have come to the right place. Join the first ever community for Lyme Literate Practitioners.

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Lyme Sufferers, Family and Friends

Have you or your family been struggling and suffering with the LymeMadness™ that is currently in our medical system. Welcome to this unique community designed to support, inform, educate and advocate for healing, treatment and all things Lyme.

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