Check out Lori Dennis in the media talking about Lyme Madness™ and her own experiences dealing with Lyme Disease:


You can read all about my own struggle with Lyme as I help my son navigate the waters through this horrible disease.

Ryan is a counsellor who invited me to speak to his audience about the madness of chronic Lyme disease, as a whole and as a differential diagnosis for anxiety, depression and the like. Listeners will be able to tune in June 2016.


Sarah Schlichte Sanchez along with her husband Aaron L. Sanchez host the Lyme Voice Podcast aimed at encouraging, coaching and empowering household living with chronic illnesses. Stay tuned. My interview with Sarah and Aaron will be available in May, 2016.

Lyme Ninja Radio is a podcast for and about people with Lyme Disease. It's produced by acupuncturist, Mackay Rippey and his daughter, Aurora. Together they bring you Master Classes with the latest treatment options as well as interviews with Lyme Ninjas who are battling Lyme every day. 

The Outbreak News This Week Radio Show, the first and only radio program dedicated to infectious disease and health news and information, airs every Sunday at 8 pm ET in the Tampa Bay area on AM 1380 The Biz and online at

Together, let's stop LYME MADNESS™