The wonderful feedback from all of you is the reason we keep going. Here are some of the great feedback we have gotten.


I look forward to reading your book, Lori. Without the dedication of mothers, we would be absolutely nowhere with Lyme disease. It is MOTHERS, concerned about their families, their children, that has sparked ALL progress in this field!!!!

Kenneth Liegner, MD

Insert an amazing testimonial here. — Jane Doe


Thank you for this Lori Dennis, M.A.,RP, Lyme disease is a horribly cruel infection. It is as if the Lyme pathogen keeps the sufferer alive just enough to be able to keep making copies of itself, like a living suffering factory. Good luck with this important project.”

Dr. Clifford. S. Saunders, Managing Director at Centre for Applied Neuroscience in Business

Congratulations Lori on this exceptional and courageous step you are taking on behalf of your son and all those out there suffering. I hope your book and social media sites give people a safe place to go to share. With you all the way!

Holly Bridges, Author The Unhysterectomy