Lyme Madness in a Nutshell

I am often asked ‘WHY’?

Why is it so difficult to get treated for Lyme disease? Why don’t we have proper testing? Why do doctors know so little about this illness? Why do we, as Canadians, have to cross the border for treatment? Why do we hear that there are no ticks in this city, province, region, country? Did your son see the tick that bit him? Why doesn’t the medical community recognize this disease? Why does the media tell us that there are so few cases? Is it really that hard to treat? Is it really as much of a threat as you say? If so, then why aren’t doctors more concerned?


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  • Sandy Romanick

    July 1, 2016

    Would love to get v.o.c.a.l. with you Lori,in Ottawa in May 2017,sign me and husband Ray up,love to see you again,saw you in Ottawa we are from Windsor,thank you for everything you are doing,your son is very lucky to have you and you very lucky for him Sandy 5199783136,8078230489

    • Lori

      July 12, 2016

      Thanks Sandy. I’ve passed your contact info along to Donna McPherson Lugar who is heading up VOCAL. I know that Amy Thompson in the US is organizing a similar event across the states. We are also working to get Lyme activists from other countries on board. It looks like our date for VOCAL is June 3, 2017. More details to follow.